Pamela Cucinell, Colin McPhillamy, Jenni Stone

Astrology Panel Forecasts 2017 and Beyond

In January 2017 the Westchester Holistic Network hosted a panel of our astrologers.

Pamela Cucinell, Colin McPhillamy and Jenni Stone shared their astrology forecasts for 2017 and beyond.

Our meetings occur at IxChel Center in Hartsdale, NY. As we develop our recording muscle, we hope to share more with holistic practitioners outside of our physical radius.

Our astrology panel was extremely popular and the second half of the meeting had lively Q&A from the audience.

WHN is fortunate to have 3 professional astrologer members, who hail from 3 continents- USA, UK and Australia, so the perspective has dimension.

The panel discussed:

Why Trump and why now? The USA is headed for a Pluto Return –  This means that Pluto for the first-time is returning to where it is in the USA birth horoscope. The USA was birthed out of a revolution, so we are in an echo or the pre-revolutionary discontent that caused such an upset.

But this Revolution this time is  not just in the USA – because of the configuration of Uranus/Pluto that occurred over 2008-2012… we are in a world-wide phenomenon that leads up to a major cosmic event in 2020.

Trump’s upcoming transits were discussed in clear language.

We anticipate the continued rise of feminine power and the evolution of men – with new ways of working that is co-operative and collaborative. This dovetails with green issues: clean air, clean food and a more holistic approach to self-care and to take responsibility for the planet.

WHN has so much more to offer — not only astrology insight. Our March meeting offered Savvy Social Networking, so you can expect a post about that soon.

You can view some of the astrologers’ thoughts on our youtube channel.