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We have a couple of choices for Membership*
Our standard annual membership* runs from February-January. Of course, you can join anytime throughout the year. 


ALLIANCE Membership fee is $50 for the year ending February 1. With membership, you benefit from all entitlements below except the e-blasts. FULL Outreach Membership grants you the ability to send one e-blast a month to our WHN mailing list.

OUTREACH Membership fee is $149 for the year beginning February 1. All the benefits of an Alliance Membership + Outreach! Monthly e-blasts and advertising benefits with our media sponsor Natural Awakenings Magazine—Westchester-Putnam-Duchess

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WHN is a community to share, collaborate, vision, contribute with your desire to create a more holistic Westchester and beyond.

Join us if you want to —

* Support and collaborate with other people for a holistic and spiritual way of life.
* Share your knowledge with others and benefit from theirs; we all have something to give.
* Work with and encourage each member’s heart-directed inner journey.
* Become part of our active social media outreach through our newsletter and other vehicles. Benefit from discounts with our members, including Natural Awakenings Magazine, our official media sponsor.

Come to our community to share and, of course, you DO receive benefits…

OUTREACH Membership: Send an email of your events or programs to the email list of 650+ each month

Outreach Membership: Save more than the price of membership with a Community Resource Guide Listing in Natural Awakenings Magazine—Westchester-Putnam-Duchess magazine for 6-12 months for $65.00 monthly. You need to include: MEMBER of Westchester Holistic Network. (regular price is $85 monthly, $240 annual savings)

Outreach Membership: Save even more with a display ad in Natural Awakenings Magazine—Westchester-Putnam-Duchess.  WHN Outreach members enjoy the 12-month price instead of month to month when they include: MEMBER of Westchester Holistic Network in the ad for this discount.

Outreach Membership: Plus all the benefits of Alliance Members (below)

Alliance Members: Be listed on the WHN website with a live link to your own website

Alliance Members: Attend monthly WHN meetings for FREE

Alliance Members: Enjoy reduced fee offerings and discounts from WHN holistic practitioners

Alliance Members: Participate in the semi-annual Awaken Wellness Fairs for FREE at the WHN table as well as other sponsored events.

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Official WHN Media Sponsor

Natural Awakenings Magazine—Westchester-Putnam-Duchess