Presentations at WHN: What makes a great presentation for our holistic network?

Our audience consists of holistic practitioners and vendors, as well as life students of metaphysics. They have a deep respect for Earth and their fellow humans.

Yet some attendees are new to body, mind, spirit connections and welcome basic knowledge and tools for holistic living. Others have a deep understanding but know that new encounters and presentations can open doorways.

We are open to topics that stimulate thoughts and conversation about all things holistic. Our attendees respond to personal stories that share awakening and life transitions.

If your work is tied to products or MLM, we stress that your presentation must be 90% knowledge, information or story that stands alone without reference to your brand. Many of our members have a closet full of starter kits for MLMs and immediately shut off when the subject is broached. WHN is not a forum for an infomercial- it doesn’t matter how wonderful your product.

If you have a presentation that stands on its own – we would love to see your proposal. We are not adverse to product introduction; at our live meetings, participants love to play with products or sample healing modalities.

Our virtual meetings are dependent on verbal and visual communication. Think in terms of storytelling, education, meditation and/or invite Q & A. Our in-person meetings allow for interaction, which we love.

WHN invites speakers who give, serve and share.

Questions or proposals to Cathy and Pamela, please contact us.

Thanks so much for your interest in WHN!