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Judith Barr

Photo of Judith Barr
Midwife to the Soul and Depth Psychotherapist Mysteries of Life Home Judith Barr Mysteries of Life P.O. Box 603 Brookfield CT 06804 Work Phone: 203-775-5006 Website: Judith Barr Website: Power Abused, Power Healed

Judith Barr, Mysteries of Life
Modalities: Midwife to the Soul (Spiritual Midwife) ~ Depth Psychotherapist ~ Financial Therapist ~ Individual sessions/Consultations ~ Workshops/Speaking Engagements ~ Supervision/Training ~ Author of “Power Abused, Power Healed” and “How Did We Get Here?”

What if, instead of just another attempt at managing or running away from your thoughts, feelings, behaviors, you discovered you could heal your inner wounds fully, to the root?

As a depth psychotherapist, Midwife to the Soul, workshop leader, author, speaker, I help people not settle for just being “functional” and defending against feelings, but truly understand themselves; not just move their energy, but build their capacity to feel; not just rise above their human selves, but welcome their human selves as healing partners; heal past wounds instead of leaving them buried to create more suffering; become more able to move toward fulfilling their real potential, who they truly are.

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Karla Booth , M.AmSAT

Photo of Karla Booth M.AmSAT
Senior Teacher of the Alexander Technique Home 153 Main St. Suite J Mount Kisco NY 10549 Home Phone: (914) 649-9565 Website: Website: Website:

Karla is a Senior Teacher of the Alexander Technique with 30 years of teaching experience. She works with people of all ages to find an easier less stressful approach to moving that includes improving our kinesthetic awareness, calming the nervous system and unlearning inefficient patters of body usage – which includes how we thing of ourselves in movement.

The Alexander Technique is a well known system that brings about a better body usage – that doesn’t mean standing up straight – improved breathing and less tension. Karla has also taught various forms of dance, yoga and movement programs for all ages throughout Westchester.

WHN Members receive a 20% discount on lessons.

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Nancy Boyd

Photo of Nancy Boyd
Chief Visionary Bright Wings, Inc. Home PO Box 5553 Eugene OR 97405 Home Phone: 800.914.2975 Website:

Nancy Boyd is an award-winning writer; award-winning coach; heart-centered healer; author of “Healing The Wanting ~ Making the Shift From Grasping to Gratitude”; flower essence practitioner; entrepreneur; instructor for soul-based operating systems for individuals, families, and groups

10% discount to WHN members for services and products. Please inquire for instructions.

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Paula Caracappa

Photo of Paula Caracappa
Founder & CEO, PPC Group, LLC Awaken Fairs Work Phone: (914) 422-1784 Website:

The AWAKEN Wellness Fairs educate people about the many paths to a healthy body, mind and spirit that are available in today’s world. We include ancient techniques as well as amazing cutting edge technologies.

We produce a very different kind of expo with the AWAKEN Fair… kind, fun, expansive, supportive, compassionate. We gather over 100 exhibitors including Speakers, Healers, Vendors and Readers to carry the message of wellness to the general public.

Paula Caracappa founded this organizaiton is 2002 and has nurtured its growth from a gatheirng of 42 people to its present day abundance of 1000+ like-minded people gathered to share holisitc wellness information and spirit!

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We offer a FREE Vendor table to WHN at each Awaken Fair, where WHN members can present their offerings and engage with the public.

Joan Carra

Photo of Joan Carra
Psychic Medium Home 36-G Putnam Green Greenwich CT 06830 Work Phone: (203) 531-6387 Cell Phone: (203) 989-7550 Website:

Joan’s spiritual counseling is recognized in seven books including the first edition of The 100 Top Psychics in America, Psychic New York. and The Rational Psychic. She contributed a chapter in the new book Harmony in Chakras, published just last year.

She has been interviewed in WAG Magazine, The Greenwich Time, The Wall St. Journal and The Daily News, in which she predicted the flooding of NYC. As a sought after medium, she will can offer messages from loved ones who have passed. Joan is a veteran reader for over 25 years.

WHN Members: $25 discount for 30 or 60 minute reading

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Janet Alona Catalina

Photo of Janet Alona Catalina
Cell Phone: (914) 548-8372 Website:

“My life work has been to help people break through blockages and to live their full potential.

I have been fortunate to do this through a number of varied venues. I originally became a psychotherapist (LCSW), then I became a Certified Life Coach and a Reiki Master and teacher of mindfulness meditation.

Most recently I have codeveloped an amazing tool called PULSE (an acronym for Perception Uniting Life Spiritual Energy) Manifestation. This is a tool which helps people to create what they they what in their life and at the same time to release what holds them back. I teach PULSE Manifestation in workshops in the United States plan to bring PULSE Manifestation to Canada this summer.”

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Cynthia M. Chase , MSW, LCSW

Photo of Cynthia M. Chase MSW, LCSW
Psycho-Spiritual Therapist and Reiki Master Cell Phone: (860) 395-0284 Website: Website:

Cynthia Chase, MSW, LCSW is a psycho-Spiritual therapist in private practice on the shoreline in Connecticut and in Westchester, New York. Her practice has spanned over thirty years. She joins the principles and practices of East and West in the joyful work of personal growth and enlightenment. Cynthia has led many workshops integrating a variety of approaches including Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy, Bio-energetics, dream analysis, Gestalt principles, psychodrama, meditation and energy medicine.

She is a leader in the field of positive psychology which focuses on a person’s strengths instead of weakness or pathology. Cynthia has been featured in local newspapers and is a published author.

As a Reiki Master she has developed a process called Reiki Fusion, drawing on the positive focus of Eastern principles of energy work and Shamanism and on her own extensive experience. She has also created natural cosmetics and cleansing products energized with Reiki energies.

WHN Members: Cynthia offers a 20% discount for Reiki or Reiki Fusion sessions, and a 10% discount for crystal and Reiki infused and essential oil infused natural cosmetic and cleansing products.

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Katie Corritori

Photo of Katie Corritori
Health Coach and Professional Organizer Wellness with Katie Work Phone: (646) 470-2259 Website: Website:

Katie Corritori is a former fashion PR manager turned holistic health coach and organizing expert.

Katie helps women in transition who feel overwhelmed with mental, physical and emotional clutter.  Her clients reclaim their time, energy and space while discovering underlying blocks affecting other areas of their lives and careers. Ultimately, they go on to reach levels of success they previously thought were out of reach with confidence and ease.

Join Katie at her monthly women’s circle at the Ixchel Center in Hartsdale or on retreat in Montauk in May and October. Reach out to Katie directly to learn more about her coaching and consulting services and brand partnerships.

Complimentary 90-minute coaching and strategy session to discuss challenges, opportunities and obstacles.

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Donna Costa , LMT

Photo of Donna Costa LMT
Dream Dancer Healing Massage Home Donna Costa, LMT 58 Wickes Ave. Yonkers NY 10701 Work Phone: 914-907-4485 Website: Dream Dancer Healing Massage Website: Donna Costa, LMT


Acupressure, Deep Tissue massage, Energy Work, Pregnancy Massage, Reflexology, Trigger Point therapy

I get great pleasure in helping others reach a state of relaxation and balance as well as re-educating the muscles to relax and return to their original state. I use Integrative Massage specifically tailored to your needs. I have nine years’ experience working in the medical field with Chiropractors, Acupuncturists and Medical Doctors.

I also lead others in Full Moon Drumming Circles, creation of personal ceremonial tools and Sacred Stone Peoples lodges.  Contact Donna

DISCOUNT OFFERING TO WHN MEMBERS $20 off one hour massage ($100 value).

Pamela Cucinell , NCGR PAA

Photo of Pamela Cucinell NCGR PAA
Insight Oasis Cell Phone: 917-796-6026 Website: Insight Oasis

Insight Guidance through Astrology & Tarot Consultations ~

Your design is unique; you came into the world at a specific time, date and place. The movement in the heavens provided a blueprint during those seconds before it subtly changed. This blueprint, known as the horoscope is the picture of your celestial DNA.

If you want to gain perspective and aim for clear goals, Pamela can help. Astrology is an accurate tool for timing your life, in business and events. Pamela is a certified consulting astrologer through NCGR National Council for Geocosmic Research. As a Reiki Master, sessions are infused with healing energy.

Offering to WHN Members: 15% discount for astrology/tarot services.

Sessions by phone, Skype or Zoom. By appointment when visiting NYC or the IxChel Center.

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Angela La Scala

Photo of Angela La Scala
Reiki Master Teacher REIKI Vibrations Home Phone: 917-838-1045 Website: ReikiVibrations

Angela is an intuitive Reiki Master Teacher in the Usui Shiki Ryoho lineage. A member of the Reiki Healing Association and founding Member of The Reiki Forum, an online networking group comprised of over 500 Reiki practitioners world-wide, Angela also volunteers, while having a private Reiki practice in Westchester, NY. Angela regards each client as a whole, rather than an illness to be defeated. She believes in raising one’s vibration through the practice of Reiki, and nurturing, rather than battling against the body.

Angela is passionate about educating students, individuals, families, and communities in the art and practice of Reiki. She explains that she began as the client, then was invited to be the student, soon after, the students arrived, and she knew the time had come to answer the call to become the teacher.

If you hear the call of Reiki, whether it be as the client or the student, get in touch with Angela and she will be honored to guide you on your journey! Reiki sessions, Online/In-person and private classes and workshops are offered.

All WHN members are offered 10% Discount; Student discounts available.

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Raditia Lasry

Photo of Raditia Lasry
Founder Mindful Being LLC Cell Phone: (917) 392-0840 Website: MindfulBeingNY

My name is Raditia Lasry, and my motivation in life is to live in the moment and to be happy. How I approach a friend or a homeless person shows my mindful ways in many different aspects of life.

Using my breath as the compass of where I am and how I feel has changed my focus. Mindfulness has taught me a lot about how increased awareness of our surroundings can lead to a more fulfilling life for everybody.

Over the years, I established a profound practice of mindfulness that experience is what I share and discover with you.

WHN Member Discount: 15% off private session or complimentary first group session of any workshop.

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Jaimie Lawson

Photo of Jaimie Lawson
Fitness Professional, MSEd Counseling Work Phone: (347) 907-4764

Jaimie Lawson:
“After receiving a master’s in Mental Health Counseling and working in the field for a few years in early 2000s, I realized I wanted to help people by way of movement. I got certified in yoga, personal training, group fitness as well as many specialty classes, and have been teaching, coaching, and educating both privately, for small studios as well as for Equinox for the past decade.

Due to Covid, I have had to re-invent my business model to an online studio, and provide 5 different types of classes a week, offering both memberships as well as drop ins. I take a holistic, cross training approach to my studio and provide modifications/progressions to all levels.”

WHN receive $15 off my regular monthly membership

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Alexandra Leclere , M.A.

Photo of Alexandra Leclere M.A.
Energy Healer & Medium Work The New Dawn Foundation 590 Davenport Ave New Rochelle NY 10805 Work Phone: (914) 548-3450 Website: Website: Seeing the Dead

Alexandra Leclere is a clairvoyant, clairaudient and clairsentient energy healer who uses her connection with the Spirit World–through seeing, hearing and sensing–to help others heal by identifying and removing their personal obstacles, bring power and joy to their lives.

Alexandra is also a consulting hypnotist.

Alexandra offers private sessions in-person or via telephone. She leads workshops and seminars throughout the United States and abroad. Alexandra also mentors individuals who want to develop their healing abilities.

Alexandra is the author of the book, ‘Seeing the Dead, Talking with Spirits; Shamanic Healing Through Contact with the Spirit World’.

WHN members receive 10% off a Private Session.

Contact Alexandra by email or by phone, 914-548-3450.

Ronni Sarrett Lederman

Photo of Ronni Sarrett Lederman
Voice Teacher Work Phone: 845-548-9308 Website: Website:

Voice teacher for all styles of speaking and singing for 20 years, as well as a leader of spiritual voice workshops. Other interests include ACIM, astrology, tarot, Joe Dispenza, Matrix Energetics and all things metaphysical. Reiki practitioner.

First voice lesson 50% off, after that a 10% discount on single lessons and packages of 10 lessons. 50% off tarot and astrology readings. Free mini Reiki sessions or long distance Reiki.

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Cathy Lipsky , RN, NP

Photo of Cathy Lipsky RN, NP
Ix Chel Center Home Ix Chel Center 23 Wilson Street 2nd Floor Hartsdale Hartsdale NY 10530 Home Phone: 914- 912-2351 Website: Ix Chel Center

Cathy Lipsky, RN, NP


Arvigo Techniques of Maya Abdominal Therapy® — Certified Holistic Practitioner

I’m a nurse practitioner with over 40 years of experience taking care of the adult population. Since 1997 I’ve learned from my mentor Rosita Arvigo how valuable “self care” is as part of a healing practice.  A certified practitioner as well as a self care and professional level teacher of the Arvigo Therapies, I continue studies with Rosita in order to support and continue the healing work that the ancient Maya teachings have provided.

I’ve studied traditional Chinese Medicine in the form of AMMA Therapy, and is currently enrolled in the Teacher of Mantra program offered by the Sanatana Dharma Satsung in Portland Oregon. This program was begun by the well known western mantra teacher Thomas Ashley Farrand.

The’ space at Ixchel Center is perfect for group yoga and tai chi, and is included in the therapies at there. I offer one-on-one therapy if the client will benefit from a posture, movement, breath work or mantra.

The center is a haven for healing: a place to rest and release fears, anxieties, energetic stagnations and to heal any physical, emotional or spiritual condition that is present.

Contact Cathy


Mrs. Giuliana Lonigro

Photo of Mrs. Giuliana Lonigro
Independent Founding Leader and Consultant Neal’s Yard Remedies Home Phone: (917) 650-7704 Website: Giuliana's storefront for Neal's Yard Remedies

I discovered Neal’s Yard Remedies products in 1999. I was living in Oxford, England at the time, and loved to stop by the tiny, wonderful-smelling shop and learn about aromatherapy and organic skin care. I was impressed with the high quality of the products—hand made in small batches—and loved their distinctive cobalt blue bottles. The flagship store in Covent Garden was another favorite destination.

As an Independent Founding Leader, I am thrilled to share this wonderful product line with others interested in high quality certified organic skin care.

Our products are certified organic by the Soil Association. We are cruelty free, our eco factory is carbon neutral, and we have longstanding relationships with small to medium fair trade suppliers all over the world. All our products are vegetarian, and most are also vegan.

Please be in touch if you need help placing an order or have questions about our products.

I am available to speak and present educational, interactive and fun workshops on the topic of safe ingredients in personal care products.

We are also offering an opportunity to develop your own business as a consultant. I was awarded the 2016 Guiding Star Award— my team nominated me because I enjoy helping them succeed! Let me know if you’d like to find out more.

Contact Giuliana



Dr. Domenick Masiello , D.O.

Photo of Dr. Domenick Masiello D.O.
Holistic Family Medicine Work Phone: 212-688-4818 Website:

Dr. Domenick Masiello is a classical homeopath and a cranial osteopath, licensed in New York, New Jersey and Connecticut.

Dr. Masiello provides telemedicine and in-person visits for patients in the NYC metro area and multiple counties in southeastern New York and southwestern Connecticut. He is board certified in Homeopathy and Osteopathic Manipulation. He treats adults and children of all ages.

Contact Dr. Masiello



Dr Karina Monegro

Photo of Dr Karina Monegro
Intuitive Chiropractor & Nutritionist Dr. Karina Monegro, DC P.C Work 267 Central Ave White Plains NY 10606 Work Phone: (845) 210-9455 Cell Phone: (518) 364-8288 Website: Dr. Karina Monegro

Dr. Karina Monegro is a licensed Doctor of Chiropractic in the state of New York and a Clinical Nutritionist. She earned her degree from the University of Bridgeport in 2014.

Dr. Karina has experience as a holistic practitioner who takes an energy-producing approach to align the mind, body, and spirit. Her gift as an emotional and intuitive empath allows her to bring awareness to the conscious mind of any emotions that might be trapped within the fascia.

Dr. Karina brings tremendous knowledge and well-rounded skills to her treatments, allowing her to connect with each individual and aid in the transition of each person’s journey to a more compassionate conscious, and joyful life.

For the month of July 2020, new patients receive 30% off their initial visit for out of pocket clients only.

Contact Dr. Monegro


Hasita Nadai

Photo of Hasita Nadai
YogaGaia Website:

YogaGaia is the Yoga of Earth and Cosmic Consciousness.

Hasita is a RYT, certified Kripalu Yoga Teacher, Reiki Master and an Energy Medicine Healer. She is a deep ecologist, biologist and geologist. Hasita roams the natural world as a mountaineer, canoer, skier, and geologist. She journeys as well through the innerworld via  yoga and meditation. The practice of yoga, through Yogagaia reveals our deep connection to Earth.

Hasita holds a Master’s Degree in Cell Physiology from Columbia University; and a Master’s Degree in Geology at the City University of NY. She taught and did research in both fields.

She was a project manager for the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency. Since “retirement”, as a Professional Level Kripalu Yoga Teacher, she teaches at the Rivertown Center for Yoga and Health for adults and children. She also teaches yoga privately. Hasita gives YOGAGAIA workshops to various audiences and regularly to Kripalu Yoga Teacher Training programs.

Hasita is Vice President of the Global Healing Foundation and she gives healing sessions at her home and long distance.

She is a Board Member of the Green Yoga Association and of the Metta Earth Institute. Hasita leads Yogagaia and Hiking program in the Italian Alps, with an other yoga teacher of the Green Yoga Association, David Lurey.

Contact Hasita

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