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Functional Nutritionist & Integrative Health Practitioner Nutrition Key Work Phone: (914) 888-6785 Cell Phone: (914) 274-1144 Website:

Angela Russo, a Functional Nutritionist and Integrative Health Practitioner, specializes in uncovering her patients’ root problems to correct their core metabolic imbalances and restore their optimal health.

Through patient assessment tools paired with cutting-edge scientific research, Angela delivers true healing based on each patient’s specific needs.

Through her nationally-recognized program, Angela targets the source of her patients’ problems and removes all forms of health barriers, bringing her patients to the much-deserved state of vibrant health.

Earning her Master’s Degree in Functional Nutrition from the University of Bridgeport, Angela is a Certified Nutrition Specialist, Certified Gut and Psychology Syndrome Practitioner, Certified Corporate Wellness Educator, and an active member of national organizations, including the American College of Nutrition and Weston A. Price Foundation.

Angela has written numerous articles and is a perpetual student, consistently taking courses to remain on the forefront of her field.

Angela is a patient advocate, researcher, clinician and educator.

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