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Founder Sleepytime Club Work Phone: (914) 417-7411 Website: Sleepy Time Club Website: The Bedtime Blueprint

“I created Sleepytime Club’s bedtime kits to give caregivers a nurturing bedtime routine that takes less than 20 minutes. Caregivers can make memories every night, connect, help children transition to sleep, and reclaim their evenings. I believe bedtime is the first, best habit and that we can change the world with an intentional bedtime. I’ve spread the word on Huffington Post, WCAX, Prevention Magazine, and podcasts like “A Little Breathing Space” and “The Stepmom Coach”. I am an early childhood educator and music specialist, singer and storyteller, and certified Gaia Women’s leadership life coach.”

WHN Members enjoy 20% off all Sleepytime Club’s bedtime kits – storybooks and journal plus recordings – with coupon code WHN2020. Digital downloads only until we get the ok! on reopening.

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