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Senior Teacher of the Alexander Technique Home Phone: (914) 649-9565 Website: www.awareness-in-action.com Website: www.atawestchester.com

Karla Booth, M.AmSAT, is certified senior teacher of the Alexander Technique graduating from The American Center for the Alexander Technique in New York City in 1990. With a private practice in Westchester and Putnam Karla works with a diverse population enjoying working with performers as well as young teens and older adults with postural problems or anyone wishing to find more “ease” in their everyday life.

With a background in dance and bodywork Karla has taught workshops at SweetBriar College, Julliard, Port Townsend, and AT for Actors in NYC.

She has also taught workshops on the Alexander Technique to groups of professionals in Sweden (The Swedish Association of Registered Physiothearpists, Physiotherapists of Kristianstad Hospital), Australia (Parlimentary Staff) and workshops in the United Kingdom. Contact Karla


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