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Founder & CEO, PPC Group, LLC Awaken Fairs Work Phone: (914) 422-1784 Website:

The AWAKEN Wellness Fairs educate people about the many paths to a healthy body, mind and spirit that are available in today’s world. We include ancient techniques as well as amazing cutting edge technologies.

We produce a very different kind of expo with the AWAKEN Fair… kind, fun, expansive, supportive, compassionate. We gather over 100 exhibitors including Speakers, Healers, Vendors and Readers to carry the message of wellness to the general public.

Paula Caracappa founded this organizaiton is 2002 and has nurtured its growth from a gatheirng of 42 people to its present day abundance of 1000+ like-minded people gathered to share holisitc wellness information and spirit!

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We offer a FREE Vendor table to WHN at each Awaken Fair, where WHN members can present their offerings and engage with the public.


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