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Brook H Packard

Photo of Brook H Packard
Founder Sleepytime Club Work Phone: (914) 417-7411 Website: Sleepy Time Club Website: The Bedtime Blueprint

“I created Sleepytime Club’s bedtime kits to give caregivers a nurturing bedtime routine that takes less than 20 minutes. Caregivers can make memories every night, connect, help children transition to sleep, and reclaim their evenings. I believe bedtime is the first, best habit and that we can change the world with an intentional bedtime. I’ve spread the word on Huffington Post, WCAX, Prevention Magazine, and podcasts like “A Little Breathing Space” and “The Stepmom Coach”. I am an early childhood educator and music specialist, singer and storyteller, and certified Gaia Women’s leadership life coach.”

WHN Members enjoy 20% off all Sleepytime Club’s bedtime kits – storybooks and journal plus recordings – with coupon code WHN2020. Digital downloads only until we get the ok! on reopening.

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Jeanie Pasquale

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Professional Dowser House Harmony Work Phone: (845) 709-5245 Website:

Protect Yourself from EMFs and Other Negative Energies! 

A professional dowser can block the negative affects of cell phone, satellite dishes, high-tension wires and more.

If you’ve been experiencing trouble selling your home, attracting business, or unexplained health issues, call Jeanie at 845-709-5245 to see how dowsing can help.

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Kristin Prevallet

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Mindbody Coach Integral Mindbodystudies Work Phone: (914) 693-1416 Website:

I have practiced mindbody coaching for ten years; I integrate hypnosis, energy healing, and life coaching to help you confront emotional and physical blocks that are are preventing you from making necessary changes in your life.

If you have made the conscious decision to change something about your life but are feeling like there is something holding you back, I’ll be happy to work with you so that you feel focused, calmer, and more hopeful that change is possible.

Check out my book, “Visualize Comfort: Healing and the Unconscious MInd” on

WHN Members: 5% off 3-session package (a $50 value).

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Grisella Ramos-Santiago LCSW

Photo of Grisella Ramos-Santiago LCSW
Licensed Clinical Social Worker Grisella Ramos Santiago LCSW PC Work Phone: (914) 299-8271 Website:

Grisella Ramos-Santiago is a New York State Licensed Clinical Social Worker with over 15 years experience. She is a Reiki II Practitioner and an Akashic Record Practitioner.

WHN Members: 15% discounts on all readings

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Michael Rosenbaum

Photo of Michael Rosenbaum
Transformational hypnotherapist, Metaphysician Practitioner Alternative Choices Natural Healing Work Phone: (914) 218-9000 Cell Phone: (914) 589-3601 Website:

Michael Rosenbaum has been a transformational hypnotherapist and alternative healer for over 20 years. He specializes in getting people “un-stuck” from unhealthy patterns and emotional upsets so they can live life from a sense of well being. He has been a member of a spiritual “mystery” school since 2006 and also teachers spiritual awakening processes with his clients.

Michael Rosenbaum has certifications as an Advanced Clinical Hypnotherapist, Regression and past-life regression therapist, and RoHun Practitioner,

Michael has over 3,000 hours of training in alternative therapies

I offer a 25% discount off any of my services for WHN members.

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Angela T. Russo MS, CNS

Photo of Angela T. Russo MS, CNS
Functional Nutritionist & Integrative Health Practitioner Nutrition Key Work Phone: (914) 888-6785 Cell Phone: (914) 274-1144 Website:

Angela Russo, a Functional Nutritionist and Integrative Health Practitioner, specializes in uncovering her patients’ root problems to correct their core metabolic imbalances and restore their optimal health.

Through patient assessment tools paired with cutting-edge scientific research, Angela delivers true healing based on each patient’s specific needs.

Through her nationally-recognized program, Angela targets the source of her patients’ problems and removes all forms of health barriers, bringing her patients to the much-deserved state of vibrant health.

Earning her Master’s Degree in Functional Nutrition from the University of Bridgeport, Angela is a Certified Nutrition Specialist, Certified Gut and Psychology Syndrome Practitioner, Certified Corporate Wellness Educator, and an active member of national organizations, including the American College of Nutrition and Weston A. Price Foundation.

Angela has written numerous articles and is a perpetual student, consistently taking courses to remain on the forefront of her field.

Angela is a patient advocate, researcher, clinician and educator.

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Discount for WHN Members: It is my please to offer a $25.00 discount off of my service fee for a nutrition consultation.


Sharp Again Naturally

Photo of Sharp Again Naturally
Contact: Lisa Feiner Home PO Box 713 Larchmont NY 10538 Work Phone: (914) 241-1404 Website: www,

Sharp Again Naturally’s mission is to educate the public and medical community about reversible causes of dementia, and to advocate for new testing and treatment protocols.

To accomplish its mission, Sharp Again uses live presentations, social and multimedia outreach, an online resource library and information clearinghouse, and a collaborative network of like-minded individuals and organizations to spread the good news far and wide.

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We are an educational non-profit. We invite all to attend our presentations.


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PO Box 713 Larchmont NY 10538

Janice Solomon

Photo of Janice Solomon
Homeopath Resonant Healing Work Phone: (914) 522-0913 Website: Janice

I work with women in various stages of their lives who are conscious of wanting change and are willing to invest in their health. Women come to me after they have tried everything else and are open to alternative approaches. They struggle with anxiety, depression, feeling stuck in old behavior s, have hormonal symptoms around birth and menopause, and ongoing physical problems. They want quick and lasting relief from their discomforts, to stop worrying and feel healthier physically and emotionally.
I offer individual sessions, comprehensive session packages and workshops that are a unique combination of alternative healing styles so that you feel happier, more balanced, and feel supported with tools to access for life long wellness.
I am a nationally certified homeopath, yoga instructor, doula and childbirth educator. I have completed extensive study in nutrition, pathology and disease, anatomy and physiology.
My main office is in Nyack, NY with a satellite location in Maplewood, NJ. In addition to office visits I offer sessions by phone, Skype, and Zoom nationally and internationally.

I offer WHN members a free 30 minute discovery session.

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Wainwright House

Photo of Wainwright House
Home 260 Stuyvesant Avenue Rye NY 10580 Home Phone: 914-967-6080 Website: Wainwright House Website: Wainwright Yoga Training Academy

Wainwright House is the oldest non-profit, non-sectarian holistic learning center in the United States. Our mission is to inspire greater understanding through body, mind, spirit and community. In this sacred space, we seek to inspire by offering initiatives in spiritual exploration, health and healing, cultural enrichment, and environmental awareness.

Holistic practitioners can rent space or present through the House with topics that relate to our mission.

Wainwright House has a Yoga Academy led by 3 seasoned experts.

Join us and experience tranquility and inspiration on Wainwright House’s five acres of organic lawns and gardens overlooking Milton Harbor on Long Island Sound. Facilities include three buildings with meeting rooms, dining rooms, a meditation room, library, and solarium; also the Yoga Center and lodging for programs and retreats.

Wainwright House is available for meetings and events and rental by non-profit and civic organizations

Yoga Training Academy

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260 Stuyvesant Avenue Rye NY 10580

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